Fulfil Your Life Ambitions

Apple tree (not yet in HANGOT)Do you remember when you last sat down in the evening, sipped a hot tea, rubbed your toes and proudly said to your goldfish You know what, Cassandra? I planted an orchard today!

I bet it’s been a while!

Here’s an excellent opportunity to plant a tree, and even an entire orchard. It’s a life-time ambition for many, and all you have to do is to

  • put on suitable clothing, cloves and sturdy shoes,
  • pack a light lunch,
  • bring planting and watering tools if you can (spade, pick axe, large hammers or fence-post drivers, watering cans or buckets would all come handy, for example), and

help plant the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail on Saturday 7-February-2015. Meet us at the entrance to the Hanwell Meadows, Trumpers Way, W7 (at the bend of the road, 200m past the canal bridge), or join us later all over the Hanwell Meadows.

See you there!