We Did It!

Forty patches of grass and other vegetation cleared, holes dug, stakes driven in, bonemeal added, watering tube installed, tree planted, watered, tied on, reviewed, numbered, approved and applauded, all in one day.

Our huge thanks to everyone who made history on this cold Saturday February 7, 2015. 26 volunteers braved the chilly breeze, the occasional drizzle and occasional sunshine.


2 thoughts on “We Did It!

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    An inspiring project, the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail, a community project to plant and care for a trail of native fruit trees around Hanwell Meadows in West London, for autumn foraging and for wildlife. Forty trees successfully planted!


  2. Thanks for a wonderful day as seen in bernds posting in pictures. Just to let you know i did a nursery round this morning and all the saplings are safely tucked up in the earth. We only had two vagrant acts of bonemeal theft by resident foxes or neighbourhood dogs. Two small holes by one pear tree and one crab apple. Easily filled and no damage. Thanks for yesterday. Julie


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