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Hanwell Meadows, 1888-1913

Hanwell Meadows, 1888-1913

Here’s an interesting look back in time, thanks to the National Library of Scotland‘s historic maps of 1888-1913. Click here for an online version, complete with zoom, pan, satellite image overlay and other trimmings.

There is no historic evidence in these maps for orchards. However, locals enjoy bloom and fruit from a number of existing wild fruit trees in the area, particularly cherries and plums around the River Brent between the canal and Uxbridge Road. We are curious about the origin of those trees.

One theory is that the area was given over to allotments in times of war, another points out that the County Lunatic Asylum (now St. Bernard’s Hospital, part of the West London Mental Health NHS Trust) used to farm fruit and vegetables in the area. Some say they even made and sold beer in their own brewery!

We’d be grateful to receive information about the historic roots of these fruit trees, no pun intended. If you have related information, please let us know. (Your comments may appear after a delay as they are subject to approval, but appear they will.)