Mulching Mayhem

Mulching posterPlease join us on Saturday April 18, 2015 for the grand Hanwell Meadows Mulching Mayhem!

We will be mulching the fruit trees with wood-chip to keep weeds at bay and retain moisture while the trees are young and vulnerable. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the team, introduce yourself to the trees, get your hands dirty and become part of an organic, local, sustainable, healthy and fun activity to help turn Ealing into the fruitiest borough in the world.

We calculate the effort thus: at a half meter radius (20″) and 7.5 cm (3″) thickness, we reckon that we need approximately

π * (0.5 m)² * 0.075 m * 1000 litre/m³ = 59 litre

for each tree, which comes to a total of

59 litres * 40 trees = 2360 litre, or 2.3 m³

The scientific term is a lot of woodchip, the gardener’s term is at least 20 wheelbarrows full. The mathematics are our contribution to Pi Day (3/14/15, in US date format).

We will provide tools, tea and biscuits, and our heartfelt thanks for your help.

Bring some gardening gloves, wear suitable clothes and footwear and meet us at 10:00 at the Trumpers Way entrance (click for map).

You can also download the poster, print it, and stick it in your window. Thanks for spreading the good word!


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