Easter Sunday Walkies

The Hanwell Meadows SheepI won’t translate or cite Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Osterspaziergang for you (others have done that), but the message is clear:

Get your bum off your sofa on Easter Sunday (or any other day). Get out into nature and enjoy and admire how nature returns to the lushness of spring. Some of the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail fruit trees are still dormant, but most have sprung to life or are about to at the time of this writing – by Easter Sunday, every plant and creature will have a spring in his and her step.

What better way to walk off your Easter Sunday lunch, brunch, or dinner (or make room for it) than enjoying the newly plotted 5.5 km (3.5 m) circular Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail?

We prepared this easy-to-follow circular walk for you. A delightful and easy-to-follow round trip across the Hanwell Meadows and along the Grand Union Canal, visiting 43 fruit trees of the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail, the Hanwell Flight of Locks and The Fox public house along the way.

The tail is easy to follow and easy to walk, but parts of the Hanwell Meadows can be very wet and muddy after rainfall. You should allow for two hours at a leisurely pace, not including a refuelling stop at The Fox public house on the way.

The starting point at the Trumpers Way entrance has roadside parking, but you can also start at any other point of the 5.5 km (3.5 miles) circular walk.

A shortcut skips trees 41, 42 and 43 (next to the top lock) and saves 1 km (3/4 mile).

GPS enthusiasts can access the route in GPX format here.

You can also access, download, print, edit, comment, the HANGOT walk online at this external site: http://www.outdooractive.com/en/theme-trail/hanwell-and-norwood-green-orchard-trail/103627378/.

Or you can just take a hangot-walklook at this map, memorize it and use your built-in common sense device for guidance along the route (click for a larger version of the map).


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