Well Mulched!


The results of the Mulching Day Mayhem are in. While we are still waiting for 3-dimensional info-graphics, here’s the overview:

We counted about 20 volunteers and were delighted to see a few new faces, too!

All the work was done more quickly and easily than anticipated, and in the usual relaxed happy atmosphere, and refreshments were enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all who helped with refreshments, muscle power or the power of presence.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the community picnic on Saturday May 9, 2015 (details will emerge shortly).

From all of us at Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail,
Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Well Mulched!

  1. I was pleased to participate in the mulching event at Hanwell Meadows on Saturday. I am involved in various social volunteer organisations and it was pleasing to see a happy group of people coming together and toiling away in an environmental project.

    It would be lovely, when these fruit trees are grown and producing fruit and a van with a trailer going round collecting the fruits!

    I mentioned it to one of my neighbours and he remarked that this may not be for long, as the site could sooner or later be sold off to property developers and it would be no more!

    This is a serious possibility, as businesses and government often find ways of getting their way. This must be considered as a possibility and contingency measures taken to avoid this or assurances sought that this would not be so.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the flap-jacks, whoever made them. They were excellent!

    Looking forward to another event.

    André Rungen


    • Thank you for your support and thoughtful comments. The potential risk of future development is, in my opinion, all the more reason to establish an attractive orchard and a strong community to support it.
      Hope to see you at the picnic!


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