Offspring’s Off

Medlar fruit budsNow is the perfect time for a walk over the Hanwell Meadows. Spring is beautiful over there right now (now that the rain stopped). The area is lush and green and awash with flowers (thanks to said rain), and our fruit trees are doing great (except for the sad loss of one Mirabelle plum).

Over the coming weeks, you may notice that all the fruit buds have been pinched off. We do this to allow the tree to devote its energy to establishing a good root rather than fruit. It’s a bit like changing the Wi-Fi password at home to encourage your children to do their homework and domestic chores first. It’s not vandalism, it is common fruit tree growing practice. And good parenting advice.

We, too, are sad to see the trees stripped of their fruit, but we think it is best to give our little wooden babies at least one full year to firmly establish themselves for a good chance in life.

Who doesn’t want that for their offspring?


2 thoughts on “Offspring’s Off

  1. Made me laugh out loud. Great parenting there Bernd. You are a big softie. Julie


    • I am sure my children would dispute your judgement on my character, if I had any. I certainly like the idea of changing the Wi-Fi password daily and providing it only after the homework, daily chores and room tidying-up are done.


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