Experts Sought

DSC_0104I wrote about Poison Hemlock in the Wilderness Warning, but I am not much of a botanist myself. I am keen to learn like most of us though, so I am wondering if you are knowledgeable in the meadow plants, or know someone who is.

We would love to collaborate, so please do not be shy and get in touch.

You or your knowledgeable friend could

  • Identify plants with name and photo for a lose series of articles here (we can help with the writing), or maybe even
  • Organize a “Show and tell” botanical meadow tour for members of the public.

Even if you do not know about plants, you might have other hidden talents, such as a passion for the local history, butterflies or the love-life of the common mole, local soil types or cloud formations, fruit trees and orchards, cider making or apple pie baking, song birds or earth worms, bees or peas.

If you have such an interest, please get in touch and help us grow and maintain a community of locals with a local interest alongside and within the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail.


One thought on “Experts Sought

  1. It occurred to me that it would also be great if we could find someone who could answer some of the questions we have about the history of the meadows and the surrounding area. How long have the hay meadows existed? What is the history of the fruit trees growing alongside the canal? Where were the previous orchards in the area and what did they grow?


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