Tree Tending Tuesdays

DSC_0310We have previously asked for volunteers for small-scale jobs such as help with watering or an hour’s worth of weeding, but we struggled making use of the help offered. Until now.

Everyone is invited to Tree Tending Tuesday. The TTT Task Troupe meets every Tuesday at 19:00 near the railway crossing on top of Jubilee Meadow (map). We’ll be watering when watering is necessary, weeding when weeding is necessary, or just go for a short walk, a site inspection and a pint. Come along if you can! Bring gloves, weeding tools or watering cans if you can.
We will not meet when it rains cats and dogs, but otherwise try to meet each week. No sign-in or cancellations required and none provided, it is a true pop-up weeding and watering extravaganza!