Autumn Orchard Picnic

P1040278-pPlease note that we changed the date of the HANGOT Autumn Picnic from Sunday September 27 to

Saturday September 26th, 13:00 onwards

Why the change, I hear you ask?

Well, we discovered that our friends of Thames 21 seek help for a River Brent clean-up action day on Sunday September 27. Given that several members of the HANGOT team were committed to both picnic and river clean-up, but struggled to be in two places at once, we moved the picnic to Saturday. Bittern'sFieldRWCD

We look forward to the autumn picnic and hope to see all of you in the meadows for another fabulous and relaxing bring-your-own (and sample everybody else’s) lazy Saturday afternoon. (click for spring picnic photos)

For those interested in getting wet on the following Sunday, Thames 21’s flyer is shown on the right (click it for a larger version). Bittern’s Field is just north of Brent Valley Golf Course (click for a map).