Blackberry Corner Yoghurt Ice Cream

DSC_0987Foraging for wild blackberries comes at a price, but someone has to do it! The blackberries around the borders of Jubilee Meadow and Blackberry Corner are ripe and delicious. You will no doubt earn numerous scratches and a few stings and bites from the abundant insect life, but you’ll be rewarded with a sense of pride and your own super-delicious Blackberry jam, cordial, juice or

Blackberry Corner Yoghurt Ice Cream

1. Collect wild blackberries without invading private land or breaking any trees, laws or rules of common sense and consideration. Even a few handfuls will give you a good amount of ice cream. This recipe assumes 250 g of fruit for 500 g of yoghurt.

2. To clean the blackberries, spread them out flat onto a suitable surface and gently blow dirt away. Remove any odd ones and anything that moves.

3. Mash up the blackberries using a blender or a fork, adding a tablespoon of caster sugar. (20 g)

4. Mix the seeds of a vanilla pod with three tablespoons of caster sugar (60 g). Vanilla is optional but generally provides a yummy round background for your taste buds.

5. Mix the sugar with plain yoghurt of choice. Some prefer the slightly sour German-style yoghurt, others prefer the smooth silkiness of Greek yoghurt, or even the lush richness of strained Turkish or Afghan yoghurt. You’ll find all these varieties easily in the shops of Hanwell and surroundings.

5. Mix the Blackberry pulp and sweetened yoghurt together.

Refrigerate in the freezer for a few hours, turning it over with a spoon once every 30 minutes, or run it through an ice cream maker machine if you have one.

Best served with Rosemary shortbread. Anything is good with rosemary shortbread.