Cheesecake a l’Americaine

DSC_0382Do you remember when you got carried away and made much more jam than you can actually use on toast within one year?

Here’s a great way to use up all the delicious fruit jam you made: Cheesecake a l’Americaine.

No baking required and easily thrown together within minutes, yet guaranteed to impress absolutely everyone.

A simple ginger biscuit-and-butter base, a sinfully delicious cheese layer, and a topping of your very own fruit jam. What could be easier? Here’s

Bernd’s Cheesecake a l’Americaine

I make these using 80 mm cooking rings, but you could also collect empty tuna cans for a low-cost alternative. Cut off both lid and bottom and clean thoroughly.

This recipe makes approximately 6 tuna cans of cheesecake.

For the base, crush 15 biscuits such as ginger nuts. Optionally add a tablespoon of crushed and toasted hazelnuts for extra flavour, or add a hand full of dry breadcrumbs for extra crunch and crumble. Melt 50 g butter and mix well with the crushed biscuit mix.

Distribute the mixture into your tuna cans cooking rings. Make sure the floor is covered all to the edges. Firm up gently. You want the base to seal the bottom, but only just so. Pressing too hard will compact the base too much.

Mix 300 g full fat cream cheese (e.g. Kraft’s Philadelphia) with 300 g of a moist fresh soft cheese. I prefer La Faiselle or German full-fat quark (strain off most of the liquid if very wet). Add 100 g caster sugar (5 table spoons) and seeds from one pod of vanilla (or a tea spoon of vanilla extract).

Soak 3 leaves of gelatine for 20 minutes, remove the water and melt the wet gelatine for 45 seconds on the lowest setting in your micro wave oven. Use your hand mixer to mix the melted gelatine with the cheese and sugar mix.

Distribute the cheese mix among your cheese cakes, then add a generous layer of your finest fruit jam. Chill for a couple of hours, then indulge.