Social Media, Old and New

DSCF1434We are on Facebook:

All orchard news, announcements and updates will continue to appear on this site first, but we are increasing our outreach via Twitter @hanwellorchard and Facebook into other local communities, hoping to attract supporters and keeping local residents and like-minded people and groups informed. Our presence on Twitter and Facebook is also more interactive, encouraging more people to get in touch with us.

If you are the Internet social networking kind of person, please favourite and re-tweet our tweets, become a friend and like our Facebook page, like, comment on and re-post our articles. You can help with as little as one mouse click!

On more traditional social media, please also mention us when you speak to your family members, colleagues at work, friends, fellow dog walkers or neighbours.

Joining our mailing list is free, ensures that you’ll be informed periodically, and gives us a confidence boost with your support.