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tree-hugA young friend suggested that we should name our trees, and she was not referring to variety name such as Egremont Russet, Kidd’s Orange Red or Granny Smith. No, according to my young friend, a real tree should have a real name. Just like you might call your car Oscar or your Smartphone Dumbledore, she suggests that we name the trees.

An excellent idea, I said, and knew Bob would be a good choice for an apple tree. Harry, George and Vincent would also work out well, and it dawns on me: apple trees need male names, while pears and cherries ask for a female name. Gladys? Veronica?

Right or wrong?

Leave a comment and make your case or support my line of thinking! Is it true that plums are female while the Green Gage is male? Is Gladys the perfect name for a pear?

Leave a comment to get in touch if you are interested in applying this idea: to work with a group of children to select names, make signs, apply to trees. You supply the children and do all the hard work, we supply the as-yet-unnamed trees.


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