Here’s My Card

cardWe are often approached and asked about the orchard project, for example when meeting walkers along the Grand Union Canal or in the Hanwell Meadows, or when discussing orchard matters over large area maps and a pint in a nearby public house. On other occasions we introduced ourselves at public events.

We have now made our very own business card in the style of a postcard. A short description and contact details are on the front, the reverse is blank for notes or special announcements.

I recall meeting a friendly gentlemen on the towpath, who promised to sign up and even announced plans for making a donation. He must have forgotten our contact details by the time he reached his home, for we  received neither member registration nor donation. I hope to meet him again one day and supply our all-important details with one our unforgettable cards so that this mishap may be rectified 🙂

Our heartfelt thanks to our resident graphics designer Leo.