Southall Orchard Project

P1200113We are chuffed about having inspired Southall Orchard Project, and we were delighted to lend a hand in the planting of hedging, soft fruits and a variety of fruit trees in Southall Park on Saturday 5-December-2015.

Not that the delegation from Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail was necessary. The Southall Park planting was well organized and very well attended from members of all parts of the Southall community, and any number of officials who lend a hand and support to the project. A very successful planting and kick-off!

We wish the Southall Orchard Project all the best and lots of fruit to come.


One thought on “Southall Orchard Project

  1. Thanks for all your support. It was great to see the contingent from Hanwell. It all helps to make the greater community.

    Wishing you all Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year 2016.

    André Rungen


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