TYS2 Piggeries Orchard Update

DSC_0118We have exciting news about the TYS2 Piggeries Orchard project: We have been invited to present the TYS2 Piggeries Orchard project to the Transform Your Space 2 selection committee.

It’s fantastic to know that the project is being considered, and we look forward to approval of the project funding soon. Exciting times indeed!

Please help to make it happen!

We need you to back the TYS2 Piggeries Orchard crowd funding project on https://spacehive.com/tys2-piggeries-orchard NOW:

  • Please indicate your support with a simple mouse click and at no cost to you:

    PLEASE visit the project site at https://spacehive.com/tys2-piggeries-orchard and click the heart-shaped Like-button, which is underneath the primary photo.

  • Back the project and pledge a small amount of money if you can:

    Visit the project site and use one of two payment processing services selected and approved by Ealing Council’s Transform Your Space 2 program at https://spacehive.com/tys2-piggeries-orchard/pledge.We have a dedicated page which explains crowd funding and the payment terms and systems in more detail. Click here to review this information.

  • Spread the word:

    Tell your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, fellow dog walkers or other acquaintances about the project and ask them to indicate their support with a click on Like at https://spacehive.com/tys2-piggeries-orchard, or a pledge on the same site.

Let’s impress the Transform Your Space 2 selection committee with a large number of Likes and backers.

Thank you for supporting this exciting project!


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