Right On The Sheeps’ Head

DSC_0696Some of us wondered about the slight depression the sheep in Jubilee Meadow sit in, and theorised about the apparent difference in soil quality to its surroundings. The sheep’s soil is in fact so poor that it makes the perfect ground for a wildflower meadow, with a chance of the occasional orchid.

How nice to know that good things come from something terrible: According to the World War 2 Bomb Census, the National Archives’ Bomb Sight map shows that the sheep were hit right on their head by a high explosive bomb, with two more nearby. [click].

For those interested in the subject, The Register also has an insightful article about the completeness, or lack of completeness, of the National Archive’s map. [click]

I am certainly glad that the sheep weren’t there at the time, and neither were you or I.

If any of you experienced the meadows and surrounding areas during the war, or has good memories of tales told by close friends or relatives, maybe even a photograph or two, please get in touch through our contact form.