Tree Catalogue

T075 Lapins Cherry 02Our catalogue of trees has now been updated to include all the newly planted trees, locations and varieties.

We are now tracking 50 varieties in 82 trees in over 12 different locations along Hanwell’s Grand Union Canal corridor from the Southall borders at Top Lock and Glade Lane Canalside Park to the Brentford borders with the Osterley Lock Cottage Garden. (Over 2 dozen of hazel and rowan are not being tracked.)

Please help to enrich our online tree inventory. Get in touch if you have recipes, anecdotes or photos, drawings or paintings, a piece of poetry or anything of interest in relation to any of our fruit varieties. Maybe you’d also spot an error or can contribute to a variety’s description?

Please take a look a the tree inventory and do not hesitate if you can help making our online catalogue as exciting and diverse as the orchards themselves.