Orchard Viewgrapher

DSC_0969PWe are looking for a volunteer with a passion for orchards and West London’s finest open spaces, photography and Google Streetview to help us put the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail onto the photographic map.

Google Streetview opened up and allows individuals to submit spheres, three dimensional spherical panorama pictures, to Streetview. An Android smart phone, phablet or tablet and the Streetview app is all you need to get started, but more expensive specialised equipment also exists.

We submitted a few spheres of the area around the railway crossing, which have more than 8000 views already.

A streetview walk across the orchard in spring (bloom) or autumn (fruit) would be great for documentation purposes and to show off the project to anyone, in any physical condition, anywhere in the world.

Do you have such an interest, specialised equipment, experience or know-how?

Please get in touch with us.

Do you know anyone who does, can or has?

Please make them get in touch with us, or simply go, snap photospheres along the orchard trail and submit them to Google Streetview.