Fruit Hedge Planted!

On Saturday 19th March, little orchard growers aged between 2yrs – 12yrs old brought along some useful grown up orchard growers to help plant our first fruit hedge in St Margaret’s field.


By jumping and wiggling around on spades  we battled the heavy damp clay soil to create a zigzag line for planting a selection of hedgerow. Hawthorn (producing berries for wildlife), blackthorn (sloes), elder (flowers and berries), hazels (nuts) Rosa rugosa (rose-hips) and also some cherry plums (fruit) were planted. Most of the hedges were donated courtesy of the Tree Council as a part of their ‘Wild Hedges for Urban Edges’ project.

It was tough going, fun and satisfying ending the morning with tea and cakes of course. Steve, our cameraman was there filming the occasion. You can view the video by clicking here.  Additionally James Morton of Ealing Park Rangers has uploaded a time lapse video of the work. Click here and watch as the site is magically transformed in a mere four minutes.

James finished the job by erecting a new fence. The fence is to prevent the young plants being trampled while the hedge gets established. There’s even a new entrance gate giving quick access to the canal for watering.

Julie walked in the field a few days later and noticed that the hedge whips are all budding.  Great work!!.

What’s Next?

Now we await our Mulching Day which takes place on Saturday 16th April. More information is coming soon so watch this space.