Spring Blossom Picnic

DSCN1891Come and find out about your local community orchard! Join us in the Hanwell Meadows for the

Spring Blossom Picnic

Saturday 7-May-2016, 12:00 onwards

A free bring-your-own event for the extended orchard trail community!

Bring something to eat and drink to the sharing table and meet your fellow orchardists for a spot of socializing.

Bring a joke to tell, a game to play or a kite to fly! Bring an ice bucket, a paddling pool, or a wine cooler. Bring a chair or a blanket, a parasol, a hat and sun lotion. Bring a friend, your family, your neighbour, your well-behaved dog. Or simply bring yourself.

We’ll be by the sheep in Jubilee Meadow [map]. See here for general information and access to the meadows. Please get in touch beforehand, if you need assistance into or across the meadows [contact page].

(We hate to see food thrown away. Please only bring as much as fit for your own party’s size and please be prepared to take leftovers back home. Or, bring something super-delicious to the sharing table and you won’t have to worry about leftovers 😉