Out With The Old

DSC_0217Buying locally grown fruit is difficult at this time of the year. Apples and pears are mostly sold, soft fruit and early cherries will need another few weeks.

So, do you bite the bullet and purchase fruit from far away? May I suggest going through the larder and deep freezer instead?

We still have plenty of frozen and preserved apple and pear compote, frozen soft fruit and a fair amount of jam and juice, certainly enough to see us through the next few weeks.

All this need eating up to avoid spoilage, waste, and to free those jars and containers for this year’s harvest.

Yoghurt or vanilla ice cream with melted raspberries?
French sweet crepes or savoury potato fritters with apple compote?
Cheesecake with blackberry jam topping?
Muffins with a surprise apple jelly filling?

Bring it on!