Tree Care Organization

tttOur Tree Tending Tuesdays restarted two weeks ago and got off to an improved watering experience thanks to new equipment, and to a successful cut back and clearing of the rapid undergrowth in St Margaret’s Orchard.

The newly planted trees have once again room to breath, and the edible hedge has room to grow. Our heartfelt thanks to all helpers.

The Orchard Trail now covers several miles from Osterley Lock to Bixley Triangle, so we need to get a little more organized about it than before, as we can only tend one area each week.

To join us for a spot of watering, pruning or litter picking and a bit of socializing, simply find us every Tuesday evening at 19:00 at the locations given below. When in doubt about the location or the weather, call us on 07738 179 172 (Clive) or 07834 801 190 (Bernd), or check this web site (see sidebar on the right).

14-June: Blackberry Corner
21-June: Elthorne Waterside (next to Trumpers Way bridge)
28-June: Cancelled due to schedule conflicts
5-July: Blackberry Corner

Other dates and changes will be announced on the right side bar on our web site.

Please join us if you can. Everyone is welcome to help, no experience necessary.