Who Do You Think I Am?

aptyeI know you have been walking around your garden and favourite orchards, looking with pride and fascination at the emerging fruit. It is set and swelling nicely, watered beautifully by mother nature and desperately looking for more sugar-making sunshine, and I can hear you wonder which variety is this apple? 

Here at the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail, we begun adding new labels to our fruit trees, stating variety, a very brief description (where available) and the year of planting. You’ll see those labels emerge over the next few weeks, and possibly change as we experiment with methods and materials for durable, inexpensive and eco-friendly labelling.

However, as some members point out, you can also help yourself with this fabulous self-help fruit identification web site for apples and pears: http://www.fruitid.com. Check it out!

We think it is a jolly good site and hope to put it to the test some day later this summer by helping label the unknown varieties of Blondin Park Community Orchard. Please get in touch if you are knowledgeable in tree and pear varieties, or if you are otherwise interested in identifying fruit varieties.