The Piggeries Orchard

DSC_0118You will heave heard of our efforts to convert an area of land behind Saddleback Lane, known as The Piggeries, into a community orchard and wildlife garden.

Since the project received the backing and full support of Ealing’s Transform Your Space 2 programme earlier this year, we’ve been busy planning and setting some gears into motion. We are delighted to report that work on The Piggeries Orchard is beginning soon, starting with cutting back vegetation in August, followed by the installation of improved fencing an construction of a path. We hope to have the site ready for planting in early 2017 and an opening celebration in the spring.

Please continue to support The Piggeries Orchard and watch this space for news. There will be opportunities to get involved in the thinking and planning, cutting and pruning, watering and weeding, throughout the time to come.

We look forward to seeing you at the Piggeries Orchard!