Finger Lickin’ Picnicin’ Time

DSC_0581You are most graciously invited to join our

Autumn Orchard Picnic

right in the heart of the Hanwell Meadows on

Saturday October 22nd, from 13:00,

by the sheep in Jubilee Meadow! [click for map]

Everyone is looking forward to see you again, or to get to know you and meet you for the first time. What better way to meet and greet? No hard labour involved!

All current and future members are most welcome to join us. It is the perfect opportunity to meet the orchard and orchard folk, introduce yourself, make new friends and cast off your fear of fruit trees.

Bring something to eat or drink to the sharing table if you like, but please bring no more than your party would consume. We want to avoid wasting surplus food, so please be prepared to take leftovers back home.

Bring a blanket, a friendly dog, a bunch of children, a neighbour and a friend. Bring a kite or a game, bring a smile, bring your spouse! Maybe even an umbrella!

We are of course particularly interested in all things Orchard. What did you make this year, which recipe do you have to share? Tell the tale of your finest apple pie, share the magic of your family’s secret sloe gin, boast about the silky smoothness of your rosehip jam! Did you make cider, or vinegar, or juice or cordial from apples, Elder, Blackberries or plums? Did you turn old apple trees into wooden plates, create chainsaw carving sculptures, or are you expert at fruit tree care with spare time at your hands? This is the time to bring, show and tell.

Visitors with limited mobility are advised to contact us beforehand. The meadows are a natural environment and can be difficult for wheelchair users, but it has been done before!