Piggeries Progress

img_20161103_111709We are pleased to report continued progress at the Piggeries. Volunteers met with Ealing park rangers for more clearing and preparation work on November 3rd, removing sycamores, willow and hawthorn and building up a dry wood hedge from the cuttings.

The removed trees were self-seeded and too close to each other, bent over in the struggle for light and suffering from squirrel damage. We gained space for fruit trees, more light for the meadow area and the borders to the west, and we gained a rather large dry hedge, instantly popular with the birds.

Robins were keen to explore it immediately. Hedgehogs and small mammals might join them soon, and reptiles will enjoy the growing pile of rubble and bricks. Everything and everyone will enjoy a good amount of rubbish being collected and removed from the site.

We now hope to reach the front of the contractor’s queue soon, so that the path and groundwork can start and be completed before the winter sets in. Watch this space, or better still, go and take a look at the emerging Piggeries Orchard!