The Piggeries Report

_mg_9043Five things we learnt this week:

  • A cherry-red mini digger and men in high-visibility clothing make a pretty contrast to dark soil and mud.
  • The soil in the central part of the Piggeries is full of rubble (well, we knew that, and had planned to establish a wildflower meadow there all along).
  • The seasonal wetland feature is very wet given the recent rainfall, and makes for a lovely pond.
  • The path is being built on solid ground and begins to look very good.
  • The groundwater levels are surprisingly high and even above the towpath level.

Stop by and check it out! Its great to see how things come together and begin to emerge. Path construction and initial landscaping work is set to complete soon, followed by the installation of a low and permanent fence to replace the current temporary wire fencing.

We are now drawing up our plans for the next steps: how to cope with the unexpectedly high groundwater levels, next clearing tasks, first planting dates, identifying and ordering trees. Watch this space! Your opportunity to come help and get your hands dirty might come soon.