All’s Well That Ends Well


Wikipedia knows about All’s Well That Ends Well that

... originally the play was classified as one of Shakespeare’s comedies, the play is now considered by some critics to be one of his problem plays, so named because they cannot be neatly classified as tragedy or comedy.

How strangely apt!

We couldn’t decide whether we were in the centre of a comedy or a tragedy ourselves for some while, but just as in the great bard’s famous play, all’s well that ends well:

We are overjoyed to receive a donation of £275 from Waitrose West Ealing this week, thanks to their Community Matters programme. Shoppers had donated their green tokens of appreciation to our cause in May 2016.

Thank you, Waitrose, and thank you, friends of Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail and shoppers at Waitrose West Ealing!

We will use the money for general upkeep and expansion of the orchard trail, which will soon cover over 100 trees planted in the Grand Union Canal Corridor between Hanwell’s borders to Brentford at Osterley Lock and Southall at Bixley Triangle.


One thought on “All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. So glad they finally came through but why oh why did it take so long. Being my idea in the first place
    I was starting to get very angry with them but as you say “all’s well that ends well”


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