Meadow Mulching Extravaganza

Please join our

Meadow Mulching Extravaganza
Today from 10:00.

We’ll be moving and applying woodchip and straw for mulching all across the Hanwell Meadows and, headcounts permitting, the Piggeries. Mulching suppresses weed growth, helps preserve moisture and composts down into nutritious food for the tree.

We can take any help we can get!

All you need is wear sensible clothes and sturdy shoes. Bring gardening gloves, digging forks, buckets or wheelbarrows if you can. Bring a friend, a packed lunch and a bit of sunshine. We’ll be done in time for the Hanwell Hootie!

Meet with us at 10:00 in Jubilee Meadow by the railway crossing (map), or find us at any time somewhere in the meadows.

Update 09-May-2017: Here are some photos, thanks to James:


One thought on “Meadow Mulching Extravaganza

  1. Hello All

    That was a good day’s mulching on Saturday.

    About 40 trees done in under two and a half hours. The new method of putting mulch straight in the back of the van and driving it up to the various sites to be unloaded into wheelbarrows seems very easy and efficient. I’ll also be interested in how the partially rotted straw compared with the woodchip. We have quite a bit of each left over for next time or for topping up.

    We mulched the three new crab apples (two in Jubilee MEadow quite near the railway crossing and one by the crossing itself). These trees don’t yet have numbers. One of the trees at BB corner that was especially badly damaged by rabbits is looking very unhappy. We discussed the fact that the sheep had reached the end of their lives along with a few of the rustic style benches and briefly discussed a ward forum application to obtain replacements. Does this cover everything?

    Bernd: some photos are here:




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