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summersun-vandalisedThe vandals have been busy doing their mindless destruction once again. This time we mourn the loss of a Summersun Cherry, tree #55 on Elthorne Terrace, and the nearby Orleanne’s Reinette Apple, tree #60.

The Reinette was a poor thing to begin with, but did show good spirits and a strong will to live. The cherry was doing wonderfully well and could have delighted many in years to come, but has now been torn and broken.

We all share a sense of sadness and frustration in the face of these mindless acts.


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  1. Annoying though this is we have been very lucky with the very low level of vandalism overall in the trees we have planted. I think one of these might recover and we can easily replace one or both if required. In fact a kind benefactor has offered two trees already!

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