One of Two

img_20190511_105341I commented earlier on the Trumpers Crossing and the now disused Trumpers Crossing halt, but did you know that Trumpers Crossing is only one of two remaining foot crossings of its kind in London?

The second crossing of this type is the Angerstein Wharf foot crossing, east Greenwich, which was brought to our attention thanks to its planned closure. Protests from Greenwich council and locals made Network Rail re-open it subject to review of their plans, according to The Charlton Champion.

I hope we can hang on to our Trumpers Crossing whether it might soon be one of its kind or remain one of two. I like that the crossing requires use of common sense and care from its users, and thankfully there is no risk that trains held at a signal straddle Trumpers Crossing, as it appears to be cause for concern over in Greenwich.