Status and Schedule

Scheduled Work

When Where What
Tue 19-Sept 18:30 Osterley Lock General orchard care across the entire site.
Tue 26-Sept 18:30 Trumpers FieldJubilee Meadow Keeping areas around trees and paths clear.


Where Last Report Notes
All Sites 12-July New labels are needed.
The watering tubes are inaccessible on some trees owing to enthusiastic mulching.
Osterley Lock 12-Sept Entire site cut-back complete.
Elthorne Terrace 12-Sept Trees near the rogue BBQ site need better rabbit guards.
Elthorne Triangles 12-Sept Partially cut manually.

(Park rangers will flail the area soon as it is large and uneven, thus difficult to scythe by hand.)

The Piggeries 2-Sept Cut and cleared over and over again, we feel this site is in very good shape; may not need much attention until perhaps a last autumn clearing in late October.
 St. Margaret’s 12-Sept Late summer cut-back complete.
Trumpers Field 12-Aug Rangers flailed the site.
Jubilee Meadow 25-July Rabbit guards mostly upgraded, weed cut around trees. Stakes replaced, stone fruit trees pruned.
Blackberry Corner 5-Sept Finished late summer cut-back (subject to growing conditions in late Sept/Oct).
Three Bridges Park 9-July Looking good if perhaps a little thirsty, grounds freshly cut by council contractor.
(Observed from across the canal.)
Glade Lane Canalside Park 12-Sept Thicket cleared around trees. More clearing work needed.
Top Lock 9-July Looking good.
(Managed by volunteer lock keepers.)
Bixley Triangle 6-July Trees in Bixley triangle are all doing well and have had additional watering.

Miscellaneous Dreams

Perhaps you did not have weeding or watering in mind. Perhaps you like the idea of re-creating scenes from historic postcards along the canal? Counting plant species? Researching local history?

Join the volunteer email or use our contact form to get in touch and let us know what you have in mind. We’ll gladly discuss everything, but we won’t promote your professional services.