Mulching Report

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to help mulching trees and hedges at the Piggeries and St Margaret’s orchards last week.

What a fantastic way to start the new year!

Our next outing will be on Saturday February 9th to plant some trees to fill in for some losses during last year’s drought, please mark the date.


Artisan Woodchip

DSC_0078Happy New Year!

What better way to start the new year than return to old friends or to make a fresh start and new friends? None.

Why not join us next

Saturday January 12th, 2019
11 o’clock at The Piggeries [map]

We’ll mulch the trees with locally produced woodchip. It’s our very own home-made artisan woodchip (with thanks to the park rangers for support). It helps retain moisture and slows down weed growth while naturally composting into food to enrich the soil and help break up the heavy clay.

We’ll cover the Piggeries Orchard, St Margaret’s Orchard and Blackberry Corner, subject to weather and headcounts, and hope to retire to the Fox Inn for refreshments at approximately 2 o’clock.

We’ll bring the tools but you’re welcome to bring extra buckets or shovels. You should wear sensible shoes and clothes. We suggest that you wear a pair of gardening gloves to protect yourself from thorns and the occasional piece of metal or glass.

See you next week!


We are pleased to report the successful completion of the 2018 annual general meeting, which was held on Tuesday November 6th, 2018. The short minutes are: all approved, nothing changed. Move on.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who came to attend this important affair.

Detailed official minutes and finance reports are available here: HANGOT AGM 2018 final mins 06.11.2018Finance Report for AGM 2018.

Meanwhile, to good orcharding continues: Some volunteers have sown the Yellow Rattle seed collected earlier this year at the Piggeries Orchard to help with biological and self-sustained meadow management. Other members are busy preparing for the planting of trees to replace those which we lost to fire, draught or vandalism.

Orchard activities will slow down with the exception of the members’ Christmas Party on Friday December 14th until the new year, when we plan to resume our regular activities on the second Saturday in each month, starting Saturday January 12th.

Watch this space for detail.

Reminder: AGM 2018

Format-NoticeIt’s almost time for our

Annual General Meeting 2018

Tuesday 6th November 2018, 19:30
72, St Margaret’s Road, Hanwell W7 2HF (map)

Please come along to the AGM. It’s your chance to help steer the project. You can join the committee or simply share your thoughts and suggestions and enjoy the free nibbles and drinks.

However, we need a quorum to continue to function as an organisation, so please join us if you can.

You can view and download the formal notice here, and the complete notice there.

Please let us know that you plan on coming. Remember, nibbles and drinks!

Annual General Meeting

It’s that time of the year again, the time for our genuinely important and not quite so terribly serious

Annual General Meeting 2018

I find it fascinating to note that this is our fourth AGM. None of the founding members expected the project to fail quickly, but I suppose we all share some pride in the fact that we made it so far, and the project still is very much alive and ticking.

Please come along to the AGM. Cast your vote, share some nibbles, thoughts and suggestions, catch up with the latest plans, craziest ideas and help us continue to function as an organisation.

You can view and download the formal notice here, and the complete notice there.

Autumn Orchard Picnic

rainy-picnicWhy not come along and join our casual

Autumn Orchard Picnic

Tomorrow, Sunday October 14th, in Jubilee Meadow (by the sheep) a private residence due to foul weather from 13:00

See our schedule page for location details.

The weather is going to be just fine this time! (Oh no it won’t!)

It’s the perfect opportunity to see the beautiful Hanwell Meadows, catch up with the latest orchard news and plans and join or meet our group of orchard and picnic enthusiasts.

Bring a friend, a child, a dog, a spouse and a smile. Bring food and drink to the sharing table if you like to, but please be prepared to take back leftovers and bring no more than your own party would consume. We’d love to keep  food and plastic waste to a minimum.

All Good Things…

DSC_0036All good things must come to an end!

We say Good Bye to our weekly Tree Tending Tuesday until next spring due to the early darkness and end of the growing season. We extend our heartfelt thanks, many thanks, to everyone who came to help with varied tasks throughout the year.

We registered over 500 volunteer working hours this year so far, that’s not a bad record.

The fun isn’t over though. There are the occasional Saturday activities, and of course seasonal celebrations later in the year. Watch this space or check out the volunteer schedule.

Fun At The Piggeries


What’s going on at the Piggeries Orchard today, I hear you ask. I am glad you asked.

The park rangers will bring their wood chipper on site and help us to chip the pile of tree branches into our very own artisan woodchip used for local self-sustained mulching.

Join us from 10:30 today, Saturday 14-July-2018, at the Piggeries Orchard and help getting this done in the shortest time possible. There’ll be opportunities to feed branches into the chipper, to deploy the woodchip along the hedges and around the trees on site. For those who favour lighter duties, there’s no shortage of nettles, brambles or horsetail to pull, snip, squish and bash. We hope to retire to the Fox for refreshments in the early afternoon.

Long trousers and sturdy shoes are highly recommended. Please bring ear defenders, safety glasses and thick gloves if you have them.

Scything Training

dscn2660We have cutting edge news: We succeeded in booking Scything Master Clive Leeke for a one day scything training in September! Clive is a master of the trade, an experienced scything tutor and an inspiring enthusiast.

There will be an introduction followed by practical exercises in one of the centrally located orchards. All tools will be provided for the day, but you’re welcome to bring your own scythe if you have one.

Scything Training Course
September 15, 2018 9:30 to 15:30 

Meet at The Fox, Green Lane.

Register now! We have a very limited number of places available. We ask for a £15 per person booking fee to cover part of our cost. We’ll chip in the rest. Members of Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail enjoy priority booking, but anyone is welcome to join the waiting list.

The booking fee is payable immediately and seats are allocated on a first-paid-first-served basis. Unfortunately we can only refund in the event of your cancellation if we can find another person to take your seat.

Meet us during our weekly Tuesday evening activities and social get-together to book and make yourself known. For the weekly changing location of the 19:00 meeting point see our volunteer schedule, otherwise look out for us from approximately 20:30 at The Fox. When in doubt, ask for the guys with the scythe 😉

Alternatively book through our contact form. We will confirm your booking and provide payment details in response to your booking.

Spring Clean Finals

IMG_20180527_101322Please join us tomorrow

Saturday 9-June, 11:00 at The Piggeries Orchard (map)

to finish the spring clean in time for the London in Bloom

There’ll be something to do for everyone. You can dig or snip bramble roots, pull horsetail, cut bindweed, collect rubble, rake grass. Or just come along to take a look, have a chat, or join us for a drink at the end.

Please dress appropriately; long trousers, closed shoes and gloves are highly recommended due to the mixed vegetation and uneven ground.

We expect to be done within two hours, and we are counting on you to do it!