TYS2 Piggeries Orchard

image-05Thanks for your interest in the TYS2 Piggeries Orchard project.

We are delighted to introduce the TYS2 Piggeries Orchard project, an initiative to transform an inaccessible and overgrown plot of public land into a publicly accessible community orchard and wildflower meadows, with wildlife habitat improvements and space for humans to relax and enjoy.

The Piggeries site (also known as Humes Dock) is located on the Grand Union canal between Green Lane and Trumpers Way [map]. With help and support from Ealing Council Park Rangers, we worked out a proposal and estimate the cost, and applied for financial support from Ealing Council as part of their Transform Your Space 2 (TYS2) program.

We need your help to demonstrate your support of the idea.support-piggeries-button

Please visit the project’s application and crowdfunding web site at spacehive.com/tys2-piggeries-orchard, where we explain the proposal in great detail. Please demonstrate your support by pledging a small donation through the crowdfunding system [click].

Note that crowdfunding is a requirement of LB Ealing’s Transform Your Space 2 program. They require that we set up a crowdfunding project with spacehive.com, which works with PayPal and Go Cardless to process financial transactions. This scheme and all service providers involved are vetted and approved by LB Ealing.

Crowd funding is a modern way of collecting donations for a specific cause. Unlike traditional donations, you make a pledge to give your chosen donation if and when the project succeeds. It succeeds if it attracks enough backers to meet the financial goals within the allocated time. The project fails if not enough people find it worthy of support within the deadline, and you will keep your money in this case. Ealing’s Transform-Your-Space program requires that we ask for your support in this manner.

Please support the TYS2 Piggeries Orchard project proposal. Click here to pledge a Fiver!