About Us…

Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail is a local community project to plant and care for a trail of publicly accessible community orchards in the Grand Union Canal corridor in Hanwell and surroundings. Publicly accessible community orchards benefit humans, flora and fauna alike, and fruit is free to pick and enjoy.

We planted over 150 fruit trees, hazels and rowans since January 2015 in over 12 locations between the Brentford and Southall borders, building nature and wildlife habitat improvements as well as a strong community of local volunteers with a shared sense of responsibility. We also planted hundreds of fruiting hedge plants and many native flower bulbs.

We work in close cooperation with Ealing Council park ranger, the Canal & River Trust, local schools and other community groups.

Join us for free! Simply follow this link for the simple sign-up form.

You can also follow us on Twitter @hanwellorchard or Facebook at hanwellorchard and Instagram hangot_hanwell.

Other documents of interest: Constitution

Last not least, you can send us a message with questions or suggestions using this form:

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