DSC_0718You are invited and most welcome to contribute to this site with comments, stories, photos, anecdotes, substantial research or personal memories, your famous recipe for crab apple cider or Medlar stew – anything which helps to keep our tree inventory alive and interesting.

Any material must be copyright-free, or you must obtain the copyright owner’s permission for publication on this site and related publication by Hanwell & Norwood Green Orchard Trail, or you must own the copyright and surrender the copyright to Hanwell & Norwood Green Orchard Trail for use on this site and related publication.

Site Comments
You can get in touch with us by posting a comment on any article or page, and you can use the secure contact form on our About page. First-time commentators will see their comments appear online after approval (a measure to avoid spam comments), seasoned commentators will see their comments immediately.

Site Contributions
Material for articles or other significant contributions will be scheduled for publication at our discretion.

Map Contributions
See our tree mapping page for details how we map our trees on public media, how you can view those details and how you can contribute details and corrections.

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