Mirabelle de Nancy

DSC_0693 DSC_0701


Mirabelle de Nancy is a small, bright yellow, dual purpose cherry plum with a sweet flavour. Great for baking and preserving, makes fine jam and can be distilled into fine spirit.

Once popular all across Europe, the Mirabelle has come out of fashion in most places. The region of the french Loire Valley rediscovered the Mirabelle and now grooms and markets them as a regional speciality.

Ready in September.

Self-fertile. Pollinates group 3.

Tree Location

#12 lat=”51.504803″ lon=”-0.34802568″ map=http://osm.org/go/euuwAJtHd–?m=
#14 lat=”51.504932″ lon=”-0.34804392″ map=http://osm.org/go/euuwAJwvN–?m=
#90, Osterley Lock Orchard, 4-Feb-2016






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